Tired of influencers hyping everything they experience? Me too! I’ve also been burned by purchasing an item or doing something that an influencer promoted, only to find that it was not worth my time or money. That’s a big part of why I started this website.
I am a huge advocate of the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Having spent most of my career in online reputation management (ORM), I have seen the significant influence of people sharing their opinions online. 
So, I’ve created my own online presence where I share honest opinions, in an accessible way, so that you can make informed decisions.

What Should You Expect?

Lifestyle Reviews

There is so much noise about what to do and where to go; but how do you know what’s worth your time? One of my main focuses is to reflect on my experiences of products, services, locations, and events in a completely honest way so that you have ALL the facts to inform how and where to spend your time and money.

Entertainment Reviews

I’m fortunate to have built up a decent network over the years – a network that gives me exclusive access to movies, live shows, and events before they’re launched to the public. While this is a fun perk, with great power comes great responsibility. I use these opportunities to research these entertainment options in-depth and thoroughly assess the production so that I can provide a fair and informed opinion.

South African Travel Reviews

As an accreddited South African Travel Expert through South African Tourism, I have the expertise to advise individuals on all essential aspects of travel in South Africa (SA), reasons to visit SA, as well as the best attractions and activities across the country. I provide local and international readers with reviews and recommendations of my experiences in Mzansi. My knowledge includes: culture and lifestyle, roots and culture, as well as luxurious and wildlife experiences.

Personal Development

One should never stop growing and learning. Through my own experiences, as well as what I observe from others around me, I put thoughtful care into sharing my perspective about navigating the world as an adult. While these musing are partly for my own reflection, I hope that they provide guidence and enlightment, or at least, a different perspective for readers to consider.

For requests and press releases, please email me at dan.brocklebank@fantomdan.co.za. Please also consider following me on social media at @fantomdan.