In August 2014, I started a YouTube channel as a side project and creative outlet, in an attempt to build more confidence and broaden my network. I used to post videos more regularly, but in 2015, I decided that I needed to focus on shifting my career. After taking a new role where I used to work, studying further and changing my career, finding time to balance my professional and personal life became increasingly difficult.

This is what my channel used to look like in 2014

But I haven’t given up! 2016 will see a big comeback. I have already gotten back into the swing of things and have such cool videos lined up. I plan on taking my learnings from the previous year to make sure that my content is bigger and better.

Not only do I share my life experiences through video creation, but I also write blog posts that share my experiences, give advice, comment on pop culture and basically talk about anything that appeals to millennials.

There is so much in store so please follow my blog, subscribe to my channel or connect on other social media platforms and I promise you won’t be disappointed.