South African ice-cream sandwich shop Crumbs & Cream has been so successful in Cape Town that they’ve just opened in Jo’burg! I visited the new store as soon as it opened and it certainly lived up to the hype leading up to its launch.

Crumbs & Cream in a Nutshell

Crumbs & Cream‘s claim to fame is their delectable ice-cream sandwiches. The business was started quite recently (2016) by sisters Shahar Ben Artzi and Or Lahat who combined their skills to begin what has become a very fruitful entrepreneurial venture. Crumbs & Cream’s first premises was actually on wheels and was typically found at the V&A Waterfront or Watershed Market. After a very successful start, the Sea Point flagship store was opened. With the increasing success of the business, Crumbs & Cream set off across the country to open its first Johannesburg-based store in Illovo.Crumbs & Cream Illovo

What I Loved ❤

  1. The Experience: I’ve always enjoyed feeling a part of the process instead of simply ordering an item off the menu. This is why I particularly like going to places like Happy.MeRocoMamas and Andiccio 24 where I can select whatever I want to create exactly what I’m in the mood for. At Crumbs & Cream, customers can make the perfect ice-cream sandwich to suit their heart’s desire. Pick your cookie and spread, then choose your ice-cream and topping(s).
  2. The Selection: Crumbs & Cream boasts a range of cookies, ice-cream flavours and toppings. Customers can choose more traditional favourites like chocolate chip or hazelnut, while the more adventurous can try unique cookie flavours such as red velvet, milk tart and more. Similarly, traditional and more artisanal flavours of ice-cream are available depending on your preference. Something that impressed me was that vegan, banting-friendly and sugar-free options of ice-cream and cookies are also available.
  3. The Store: The decor of the store has stayed true to their Cape Town-based branch, with bright colours of pink, yellow and blue everywhere. The look is brought together with accents of wood, which is reminiscent of a tree house or jungle gym. The swing seats at one of the tables also add to this idea.
  4. The Convenience: You can also order the cookies and ice-cream individually or in DIY Kits to take home, which is a fantastic idea as a dessert option or for a birthday party. In addition, ready-made sandwiches are also available for your convenience.
  5. The Price: While you might expect something like this to cost much more than its worth, a basic ice-cream sandwich will cost you R38. This isn’t bad at all, in my opinion, considering the size of the sandwich and its deliciousness.


Crumbs and Cream

What I Didn’t Love So Much

My only critique is its location. Although Illovo is a very trendy area, the shop is quite small with very limited seats. There are 4 tables seating 2 to 4 people, and with the amount of customer traffic in the store, there isn’t actually space for additional seating. Beyond that, the shop is surrounded by restaurants so there isn’t really anywhere to browse while eating your ice-cream sandwich before it melts. Despite this, it hasn’t seemed to stop the crowds. I’ve seen queues out the door on some days so maybe it’s just me. Either way, the prize is worth it so I definitely recommend popping in soon.

Ice-cream sandwiches are definitely the in thing at the moment, and while other stores like Paul’s Homemade Ice-cream and Milky Lane also make ice-cream sandwiches, Crumbs & Cream is arguably the best option.

For more information, check out their website and be sure to follow them on social media. You can also browse their menu here, or better yet, go and experience it yourself!

Crumbs & Cream (@icecreamcrumbscream)