Disney On Ice has been running for years across the globe but I always just assumed it was for children. Well, this weekend I went again after 10+ years of having this opinion and was proven very wrong – Disney On Ice Dream Big is for everyone.

Disney On Ice Dream Big Prince Phillip

Showtime Management was kind enough to invite me to the media call the day before the official opening to get footage and photos from closer than I would be able to during the show. We got to see a sneak peak of three performances that were impressive, but nothing to write home about. Admittedly, at this point, my opinion of the show remained unchanged. I even prepared the guests I was taking to lower their expectations. Thankfully, on the opening night, I was honestly blown away.

I think the biggest reason for my changed opinion was that the media call was just a taste of what to expect and didn’t have the energy that the opening night had. I stick by what I said about Disney On Ice being for everyone, but the show is targeted, primarily, at families with children and the excitement expressed by children is undeniable. It’s so sweet seeing children genuinely believing they’re seeing their favourite Disney princess and getting excited. No matter what age you are, seeing the action paired with lights, stunts, pyrotechnics, and music, as well as the atmosphere of seeing it live, immerses you in the experience.

Elsa Frozen Dream Big Disney On IceThe show focuses on eight classic Disney tales of some of the most beloved stories – The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Tangled, The Princess and the Frog, Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The producers did a phenomenal job of selecting the best songs from each story to perform. For certain numbers there are so many skaters on the ice that your eye is drawn to action all over the rink, it’s unbelievable. From the streets of Agrabah to under the sea, the ice is surprisingly diverse by using the set, props, costumes, lighting and special effects to transport the audience to different worlds. Of course, a few villains make an appearance too, which were some of my favourites actually. The cherry on the top is a fairly lengthy performance of the popular tale of Disney’s Frozen, which is perfect to be performed on ice. While all performances are iconic, Frozen was a crowd-pleaser for sure that had everyone swept up in the magic and singing along.

The scale of this production is phenomenal with 750 costume pieces and numerous props, some unbelievably large. All of which are shipped weeks in advance by sea to get here on time. The cast and crew are also international talents who have been touring the world. But not everything comes from overseas; audiences will be delighted to see two Cape Town-born skaters, Quiesto Spieringshoek and Justin Pietersen, who appear in the ensemble cast of this Disney On Ice production.



When booking your tickets, there are a few things to consider:

  • There is only one place to buy tickets and that is Computicket. Computicket is the official ticket supplier. Don’t be mislead by other sources claiming to be selling tickets. Tickets range from R177 to R480, which is pretty pricey so make sure you aren’t taken for a ride.
  • Facing the skating rink front and centre is the best option. From what I saw, Block B was the sweet spot. This isn’t to say that it isn’t worth sitting anywhere else because the choreography works in a way that caters to all angles, and I would argue that for some numbers it’s better to get more of a side view of the rink. But, seats are the same price no matter where you choose to sit so if possible, try get Block B seats within the first 10 rows.
  • Sitting higher gives you a better view of the rink, however, children will want to be as close to their favourite Disney character(s) as possible so sitting lower is better. I sat in the 4th row and thought it was perfect.

On the Day

Being prepared for Disney On Ice is key:

  • Showtime Management does a fantastic job of keeping people updated on anything that might impact your experience. This is a value-add that shows real care in making sure that you have the best possible time. Follow them on Twitter to keep abreast of the latest updates.

  • Dressing up to show you’re a proud Disney fan is part of the fun. This is a Disney extravaganza so what better time to wear your Mickey t-shirt or princess tiara?
  • The show runs like clockwork so get there half an hour early to make sure you’re ready. Buy your snacks, go to the toilet and be seated at least 10 minutes before the show begins.
  • I’m not sure about the other venues, but at the Ticket Pro Dome in Johannesburg, you’ll notice that the queues closet to the entrance are longer. Venture a little into the venue and you’ll see the same stalls with much shorter queues.
  • Although there are card facilities, trust me, it’s easier to transact using cash. There are ATMs on site, but rather draw money before you arrive to avoid queues and bank charges as there are only ATMs for select banks.
  • There is a lot of Disney merchandise on offer that kids will love. If you’re taking your family be sure to take plenty of cash for snacks and merch.
  • The show runs for 2 hours with an interval in-between, so if you need a bathroom or snack break, you’ll get your chance.

Regardless of how old you are, enjoying yourself at Disney On Ice presents Dream Big is guaranteed. The music, choreography, costumes, and scale of the performances are impressive and immerse you in Disney magic. Do yourself a favour and book your tickets now. The show is on for a limited time only.

For more information, visit the official Disney On Ice website or Computicket.

  • Johannesburg: 22 June – 1 July 2018
  • Durban: 4 – 8 July 2018
  • Cape Town: 11 – 15 July 2018

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