Aspiring influencers and content creators needn’t struggle anymore. Instagram has just launched an account that will help you master your Instagram strategy and content.

What’s It About?

On Monday, the 30th of October 2019, @Creators was officially launched on Instagram. The account was introduced to teach and inspire content creators on how to use Instagram optimally to boost their engagement and grow their communities. The account aims to share Instagram best practices for posts, Stories, and IGTV, which is a main focus for the platform.

In just a week, the account has gained a remarkable 56.2k followers. 13 posts have been published in the first week since the launch that already gives followers a taste of the kind of content that will be posted.

What Can Followers Expect?

People who follow the @Creators account can expect posts that will get them inspired and educate them about how to up their game on Instagram. The account will share tips, tricks, insights and even give some advice on the Instagram algorithm.

But it’s not all Instagram speaking at followers to tell them how to use the platform. Instagram has partnered with several Instagram influencers who will share how they have achieved success on the platform. This perspective is hugely valuable for content creators who are looking to grow their online brand as it gives people a glimpse behind the curtain into how to be successful on social media.

Who Should Care?

  1. Firstly, anyone wanting to up their game in terms of strategy and the quality of content you share on Instagram (and social media). This is especially true for people wanting to become influencers on social media. There’s no need to try to figure it out on your own when you can look to Instagram and others for inspiration and advice.
  2. Brands and Marketers should follow this account to stay informed about insights shared by the platform and to better understand how influencers communicate through content.

Why is Instagram Doing This?

While the content promises to be helpful and inspiring for users, Instagram has tried this sort of approach before, which was a flop. In February 2018 the first community-centric account was closed. This account solely promoted Instagram and it’s services, which is similar to @Creators, however, @Creators seems to be more focused on inspiring and encouraging digital content creators to use the platform more.

This isn’t surprising considering the impressive uptake of TikTok globally. TikTok has become formidable competition for Facebook given it’s popularity and content-centric approach. Facebook regularly mimics features from other social platforms to keep and grow their own users. TikTok gives users an easy to use platform that encourages creating and sharing content as well as collaborating with others to do the same. It’s no wonder that Facebook is doing all it can to get people to use Instagram.

Final Thoughts

As much as @Creators is centred around Instagram, the principles for content creation apply across most social media platforms. What’s interesting is Instagram is pushing for creators to make long-form content for IGTV whereas TikTok is more about short-form videos, which is serving them very well. Either way, following @Creators will help you learn and keep inspired about the content you create.

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