Ever wanted to share your memories from your perspective? Now you can with Snapchat Spectacles.

On the 24th of September, Snapchat (or Snap Inc as it’s now known) announced that they will soon be launching Spectacles – a new way to capture your experiences from your perspective. Spectacles allows users to record 10-second videos from the lenses in these funky sunglasses, which they can then upload straight to the popular mobile app. These videos can then be shared and downloaded just like any other Snap Inc photo or video.

The above video promoting the new sunglasses was published on 23 September and has already received close to 2 million views in just over a week. However, there is another video that was also shared, which has not gone quite as viral. While the more popular video targets teenagers and millennials, and how fun can be relived, the second video highlights capturing family moments. Imagine being able to watch a video of you playing with your kids, not from a camera’s perspective, but from your own, as if through your eyes again? That’s incredible.

When and How Much?

Although it is unclear when exactly we should expect Spectacles to be available, it is said that the wearable-technology will hit shelves before Christmas. Times claims that the selling price will be $129.99 (around R1,800.00). This is much less than what Google Glass was priced at, which is part of the reason why tech journalists predict Spectacles will succeed. Also in contrast to Google Glass, the design of Spectacles is unapologetically bolder. At the moment, the unisex sunglasses are available in three colours. Other than that, details are still murky, but so far the product has been well received.

Snap Inc Spectacles

I really love how Snap Inc is looking to close the gap between social media and real-life moments by integrating the users’ experiences with easy to use technology. It will be interesting to see if Spectacles will remain exclusive to Snap Inc or whether other video recording apps will be able to use the device. Although we cannot predict whether or not the wearable technology will be a success, Snap Inc deserves to be commended for pushing the boundaries of social technology. I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair and try them out. How about you?

For more information, visit the Spectacles website to learn more about the device and it’s specs (see what I did there?). 26-year-old Snap Inc’s CEO Evan Spiegel also went in-depth with his vision for the device in a Wall Street Journal interview recently that is also well worth a read.