The internet is going wild after Lady Gaga dropped 3 new tracks that will feature on her new highly anticipated Joanne album, set for release on 21 October. The web has been flooded with news of the performance as well as the new sound of the tracks. Gaga kicked off her three-date Dive Bar Tour with Sinner’s Prayer, A-Yo and Million Reasons (available on iTunes), which showcased the artist’s new musical direction. So far, the new songs seem to be receiving more positivity than Perfect Illusion, which was released in September.

#Joanne Statistics

#Joanne Trending
The above table shows the top 9 related hashtags and provides statistics on the number of unique tweets, retweets, exposure, images, links and @ mentions per hour, as of 24 hours after the Dive Bar Tour performance.

#Joanne has been trending all over the globe as fans share their thoughts on the new tracks, and their excitement for the release of the 14 track album. A clever addition is that when fans use the title of the album or one of the new tracks in a hashtag on Twitter, a Lady Gaga hashflag is automatically added. Even Lady Gaga herself was impressed.

Lady Gaga New Album Hashflag

Aside from the music, the intimacy of the performance has been a popular topic on the net. There was no big entrance or fanfare – she even drove herself to the venue! The 100 lucky fans who were at the event have shared videos and photos from the evening, which have given Little Monsters who weren’t there, serious FOMO.

But enough about what happened – watch it for yourself and join the conversation.