A trend that started on Facebook has made it’s way to Twitter and people are not impressed. Participants take picture of themselves posing as though they are dead, this the use of #Deadpose.

Individuals take pictures of themselves posing in unusual positions as though they are dead, thus the use of #Deadpose. The origin of the trend is unclear, however, it has been taken up by numerous individuals, particularly the youth, in South Africa. While those taking part in the trend seem to be getting a kick out of the movement, and others (for some reason) find it humourous, the majority of social media users have been left confused and angered by the craze.

See it for yourself – WARNING: graphic images:




It’s really a bizarre trend to have taken off, and like most trends, no one seems to get the logic behind why so many people are participating. I’m all for online fads, but this one is crossing a line in my opinion. What do you think?

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