My name is Daniel Brocklebank, known by most as ‘Dan’. I am an Online Reputation Management Specialist. Though I started my career in film production, I’ve spent most of my professional career in the marketing space, particularly social media marketing.

In August 2014, I started a YouTube channel as a side project and creative outlet, in an attempt to build more confidence and broaden my network. It worked! It gave me the confidence to push myself and I’ve made some invaluable connections along the way. It also landed me my dream job, working for some of South Africa’s biggest brands. This isn’t to say it was easy. After taking on new roles, studying further, and changing my career, finding time to balance my professional and personal life became increasingly difficult. That has not stifled my passion for creating content and sharing my message with the world, though.

This is what my channel used to look like in 2014

In addition to my YouTube channel, I’ve created this website to reach more people in a different format that might suit some people better. On this site, I share social media news, honest reviews of lifestyle and entertainment experiences, as well as personal development skills to help you be a better you.

I have a passion for keeping people informed with relevant information, timeously, and authentically. With a background in reporting, intellectual integrity is guaranteed, meaning you can trust every word you read so that you can stay informed in an easy, relatable way.

There is so much in store so please follow my blog, subscribe to my channel, and connect on other social media platforms. I promise you won’t be disappointed 😉