The stage production is based on the 1952 film, vastly considered one of the greatest on-screen musicals of all time. I’ve loved the music and story from Singin’ in the Rain ever since I saw it years ago. When I heard it was going to be on stage, I knew I HAD to go and see it.

Thanks to a little help from a friend, I managed to get tickets to the opening night of the first Johannesburg performance of the show. From the moment you near the theatre, you know that it’s going to be a memorable occasion. Dozens of umbrellas are used as decor and even the ushers dress the part in yellow raincoats!

fantomdan reviewThe show was incredible! The production is packed with elaborate costumes, catchy music, stunning lighting, and of course, the rain! Not only were the technical aspects flawless, but the amazing vocals and world class choreography demonstrated that local talent is very much alive and well in South Africa. The months of planning and rehearsals come together effortless resulting in a truly mesmerising experience.

Would I recommend the South African tour of Singin’ in the Rain? Yes! Absolutely. Whether you’re a fan of the movie or know nothing about the story, I guarantee that you will leave the show having loved every minute of it. You are so immersed in the music, dance numbers and story that you feel like you have been transported to another time and can’t help but leave in good spirits.

The entire experience was so amazing that I ended up going again for the final show and the experience was just as magical. Should you get the chance to see it on a stage near you, I recommend you make every effort to see it.

Final thoughts: The translation onto stage was spot on and showcased South African talent at it’s best. 

Want to see more? Watch the video below of my experience at the opening night of Singin’ in the Rain at The Teatro at Montecasino: