Starbucks-RosebankSouth Africans love to experience new things and the launch of Starbucks was no exception. Since the Rosebank store opened it’s doors in April 2016, young and old have queued eagerly to be one of the first customers to visit the first South African branch. Since then, another store has popped up at the Mall of Africa, with another 15 to 20 outlets expected to open over the next 2 years. The excitement around Starbucks has been unavoidable as people share pictures of their visit on social media. But, is it really worth all the hype? I visited Starbucks this weekend to find out.

In my opinion, Starbucks is not worth the amount of time you wait in the queue. People have reported waiting in line for hours just to get their hands on a Starbucks beverage. There are plenty of local options that provide better value for money than what Starbucks offers where you won’t have to wait to get in. Also, although Starbucks is known for it’s coffee, the beverages aren’t anything to write home about. The selection of food isn’t great either so I would suggest stopping past Krispy Kreme or The Patisserie, which is just across the road, then heading over to Starbucks for something to drink. BUT, if you’re looking for a new experience and have the time while in the area, Starbucks is a must! The excitement of trying out something new is worth the wait and adds to the experience, making for a great memory to look back on. While some items (specifically souvenirs) are expensive, in relation to costs of drinks from Woolworths or Vida e Caffe, Starbucks’ prices are pretty competitive.


  • The overall experience
  • The price of some products is on par with many other South African baristas
  • Different options to what South Africans are used to
  • Work by local artists and artisans were used in the design of the stores


  • Long waiting times
  • Some items are ridiculously overpriced
  • Food and beverages are not the best available

Fantomdan Starbucks ExperienceAlthough Starbucks may not make the best coffee in the world, it’s fun to experience something new, especially the launch of an international brand. The long queues are only temporary as the hype will slowly wear off. So if long queues aren’t for you, wait a couple of weeks or stop past during the week to avoid crowds. If you’re killing time before a movie starts, as was the case when I visited, Starbucks is a great option.

What are your thoughts on Starbucks South Africa?

Let me know what your thoughts are. Have you been to Starbucks yet, and what was your experience? If you haven’t been yet but are keen to try it out, you can find stores here.