Cell C #BreakTheNet Sparks Mixed Reactions

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Break The Net is the new digital reality show looking for the next South African YouTube sensation. Finalists stand the chance to win R250 000 and a trip to Hollywood. Cell C recently announced the Top 30 Finalists in the competition and while the news didn’t quite break the net, the first episode certainly sparked conversation amongst the community.

On 23 October, Cell C released the first of the #BreakTheNet weekly episodes and encouraged followers to tune in to see who the lucky contestants were, as well as their first challenge. Posts by the brand on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter received a predominantly positive reaction, mainly in the form of likes. Others took the time to share words of encouragement and congratulate the winners. The finalists were also vocal about their excitement about the challenges ahead.

Although the majority of individuals responded positively, others were less impressed with the finalists who were selected. 102 individuals of the YouTube community voiced their disapproval of the outcome. Common themes in the negative conversation were finalists not being deserving of being selected, videos lacking originality, and ‘more worthy’ individuals not making it through.

Cell C BTN Episode 1 Response
The above graphic provides a snapshot of the reaction to the first #BreakTheNet episode of the Cell C reality series.

While it’s okay to voice your opinion, it’s important to understand the difference between sharing your point of view and being nasty. What is disappointing is that several of commenters who complained were YouTubers who had entered the competition themselves and not made it through. This is poor sportsmanship. Why detract from someone’s happiness simply because you, or someone you support, did not make the cut?

There are few opportunities for YouTubers in South Africa to make a name for themselves. We should be celebrating the wins of our peers instead of tearing each other down out of spite and jealousy. Whether you agree or disagree with an outcome, emotional intelligence is key to reacting in a way that communicates your point without it being at the expense of others. Interrogating why you feel it’s necessary to comment and what you hope to achieve through adding your opinion is another worthwhile consideration. I urge you to think twice before you weigh in with negativity and call out those who are discouraging any of the winners. I also hope you will take a moment to share your support for the finalists. It is a great achievement that they have been chosen and I look forward to seeing how they perform each challenge.

Watch the show on the Cell C Reality App on Sunday nights at 7pm, and find out who could be the next SuzelleDIY or Ofentse Mwase.

Facebook Launches Workplace for Enterprise Customers

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The world’s most popular social network has just rolled out a new offering called Workplace, that allows companies to communicate, connect and collaborate. This platform is an office-communication tool intended to encourage group discussion amongst individuals in an organisation of any size, as well as secure communication between companies.

Facebook Workplace Logo Fantomdan

The tool has been used by over 1,000 companies for the past two years as a part of testing, however, the product was officially made public on 10 October 2016. The enterprise service is modelled after Facebook’s internal corporate network and is available on desktop and mobile. Workplace allows for cultural transformation with a focus on communication and collaboration.

“We’re going to grow Workplace like Instagram and Messenger” – Julien Codorniou, Director of Workplace

Although not the first of it’s kind, Workplace has the competitive advantage of users already being accustomed to the interface, whereas other business messaging software often requires additional training to use the platform. Familiar features such as News Feed, reactions, video and audio calling, direct messaging, live video, events, groups and translation options are included, while all advertising has been excluded (for now).

Facebook Workspace Get Started
Companies can apply to use the platform via the Workplace website. After completing the online form, a sales representative will be in contact with you via telephone.

Unlike the free Facebook we all know, there is a monthly fee required for active Workplace users. While this is unusual for Facebook, pricing is competitive compared to other enterprise software on the market. A free three-month trial is available to try out the product, thereafter a $1, $2 or $3 cost will be incurred depending on how many employees are using the tool. Non-profit organisations and educational institutions may use Workplace for free.

How Is It Different From Facebook?

Rather than having friends as your audience, you create and join groups with your co-workers to be a part of relevant conversations. Workplace is a separate account associated with your company. Posts shared on your personal Facebook profile and Workplace account are kept completely separate, which means that you don’t even have to have a Facebook account to use the company tool. Employers are not able to monitor your personal Facebook profile, however, publicly posted content is viewable by anyone, including Workplace users.

With over 1 billion users, Facebook has undoubtedly changed the way we communicate. Constant innovation has made this social network the preferred platform for many individuals and has also become a powerful marketing tool. Although Workplace shows promise, there are numerous other cloud-based tools available. Time will tell if this is a worthwhile addition from Facebook Inc., or a failed attempt after a lengthy delay in the roll-out while competitors dominate this space.

What are your thoughts? Do you think a tool like Workplace is necessary? Are other offerings just as good, if not better? Do you believe Workplace will replace platforms such as WhatsApp Groups or Skype in a work setting?

For more information on the new Workplace, click here.

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