How to Maintain a Healthy Balance

My picture of success is having a balance where all areas of my life compliment each other perfectly. Sometimes it’s necessary to reprioritise in order to cope or give special attention to an area we’re wanting to improve. If you’re spending more time at the office to earn that raise you’re hoping for then go for it. But ensure that what you neglect is not to your detriment.This is of course easier said than done. I’ve ready up

However, this is easier said than done. So I’ve read up on the topic and worked on a cycle that I believe can help achieve a healthy life balance.

How to Maintain a Healthy Balance:

  1. Assess What Matters Most to You – Summarise your life into categories. What would the categories be?
  2. Prioritise – If you had to represent that in a pie chart with percentile values of how much time you would ideally like to invest in them, what would that look like?
  3. Reprioritise – From time to time, you’ll need to adjust your focus. That’s okay, as long as long as you understand the implications of that choice.
  4. Monitor – After you’ve adjusted your priorities in accordance with your current goals, be aware of how the change has affected your life and consider the value that has been added or taken away from your overall happiness.
  5. Adjust – Reflect on how effectively you’re maintaining a healthy balance. Not having the time for something is not a good enough excuse. If it’s genuinely important to you, you’ll find the time for it. Assess where you are and where you want to be, then adjust accordingly.

It’s important to be introspective to see if we’re on track with our vision. If something isn’t working, change it. It’s that simple.