Singer, dancer, actor, model and magician Miranda Sings is no longer only creating videos on YouTube, but has just released an original Netflix series called Haters Back Off!

Haters Back Off is a television comedy series based on the fictional character created by Colleen Ballinger in 2008, Miranda Sings. Miranda is a talentless, egotistical and delusional character who shares her outrageous outlook on the world through her ridiculously funny YouTube videos. With over 7 million subscribers, it’s no wonder Netflix took the opportunity to adapt it into a series.

While most of Miranda’s videos are confined to her room, the series lets viewers see more of her world and the influences that have led to who she is. Not only that but fans were finally introduced to Miranda’s mom and inappropriate uncle who were often referred to on YouTube, but never seen. The show also revealed that Miranda has a sister, Emily, who is arguably the only normal person in the family.

The show focuses on Miranda’s rise to fame in a quirky and endearing way. While Miranda is often rude and absurd, the series highlights a more sincere side to Miranda, which was surprising. While audiences can still laugh at how ludicrous Miranda and her oddball family are, the narrative has a lot of heart, which makes the show quite charming.

Although Ballinger is not the only YouTuber to appear on TV, having a spinoff of a YouTube channel is certainly an achievement. She has featured in numerous publications since the series debuted on 14 October, including an appearance on Jimmy Fallon where watchers were treated to seeing her transition into Miranda right before their eyes.

Miranda SingsFrom the moment I heard Miranda Sings was getting her own show I was apprehensive. But after watching Haters Back Off and seeing how the integrity of who Miranda is has been kept in tact, while still adding a new dimension, I was immensely impressed with the translation and take my hat off to Colleen for making the risky move.

Don’t worry, Miranda won’t be leaving YouTube anytime soon and plans to continue her channel for as long as she can. Colleen, and Miranda, have been promoting the show on YouTube and have been giving fans a chance to see behind the scenes footage and get to know a bit more about the making of the series. What’s particularly clever is that Miranda is promoting the show as if it were a part of her day to day life, so be sure to subscribe to her channel to see her hilarious perspective.

All 8 episodes of season 1 are available on Netflix with no word as to whether or not there will be a second season, but for now, we’ll have to take what we can get.

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